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adventures of the mind/body/soul.

Below are the 7 most recent journal entries.


  2006.09.24  13.29

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  2006.09.09  02.25
new top hat [top-lap][lap-top]

so this is going to be short:
hightlights of today:

1. cashed my check.
2. got swweeett clothes from goodwill.
3. talked to a nice kid at goodwill.
4. got my laptop@?#!
5. spent 37482 hours of the night using my top.

i am awake, awake at 2:30 in the morning!

Mood: weird

  2006.09.05  15.25
reunite NATION!

well well well, claire BEAR, and i reunited yesterday,
and it was wonderful. it all mainly revolved around smokes, adventures,
and shoving our faces with applebee's ][nothing has ever tasted so good,
MMMMM!] oh yeah, and making a WONDERFULLLLL painting- a collaboration
between claire, shaun and myself. it was great.

but right now im getting antsy and i have a ton of homework to do,
so maybe i should go, but i also have an urge to keep typing. maybe,
uhh uhhhh. whatever, i love babbling. im not sure why.

and oh yeah again, claire got me a post secret book which is soo soo
great and i want to read it allllll. and actually i am going to go to the
website right now!

Mood: tired

  2006.09.03  23.13
working, querking, lerking. (friends)

so i was very very tired after work and
i thought, WELL! it would be nice to see my buds
(which i mentioned i wanted to do yesterday) and
i called them and we got ice cream, and of course,
we all ate entirely too much. and i got some new
make up, which always makes me extremely happy.

and then i got to see more buds at diane's and
that made me even more EXCITED. i love dance parties at diane's, they are always so so lovely. and tomorrow
i think i will see claire, and thats wonderful, i
havent seen my baby in 300 years.

so all in all, it was a hard day and a great night.
however, to be pesstimistic [blah] i have to finish
some RIDICULOUS pre-calc homework before school starts
up again- holidays always let me down.

ps. IKE i am happy i saw you!

Mood: satisfied

  2006.09.02  23.17
my teeth taste like tea cups.

so im still sick, it is becoming a very
aggravating ordeal. today at work was a mess and
now im at my mothers house and it making me feel
a little weird/horrible. i wish i had better health,
but i may as well keep on wishing.

i have work tomorrow, hopefully ill get to see some
good friends aswell, and ill get to see my work friends
for sure, and i lovesss them. work should be an
adventure either way.

i hope i can go to sleep tonight.
goodnight friends.

Mood: cranky

  2006.09.01  13.52
a night, then a day:

so, last night i stayed up very late, even though
i am sick, but when i finally decided to go to sleep, i thought
listening to old death cab for cutie was the best option, and i was
right. its been so long since the first time ive heard that cd, maybe,
3 or 4 years ago. but anyway, my point is that listening to old music
brings back old memories, or atleast, i think that's what my point is.

okayokay, now im babbling, that was last night, and now today.
so i have an appointment at three and then i finally get to see my
burgos girly again, which makes me happy 'cause she is for sure my
favorite around here. so it should be a good day.

although, i do really miss my old boos.

Mood: hopeful

  2006.08.31  18.44
a new light of entry.

so claire, my baby is working on my layout, because
i love her and i didnt go to school today, because im a sick, and i
dont like to write in sentences sometimes, but i think thats okay to do
sometimes, and this is a new live journal, prepare to read my heart.

Mood: sick